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Benji uses bold flavors and the best ingredients in preparing his Mexican delicacies. He offers a versatile menu rooted in traditional Mexican recipes with a Tex-Mex flair using natural ingredients. And of course, some excellent Margaritas plus imported and domestic beers. Benji's Rincon Jarocho Mexican Grill has been serving up scrumptiously delicious Mexican food since 2007. Rincon Jarocho provides a fun, family atmosphere. It is also great for all occasions: family night out, birthday parties and other group occasions. Come in and enjoy a Mexican moment.


Benji's Pupusa
Benji's Huarche
Benji's Gorditas
Benji's Buttered -Sauce Red Snapper Filet
Benji's Chipotle Shrimp
Benji's Carne Asada